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Our Mission is Sustainability

We’re dedicated to making it easy to make better and more sustainable fashion choices, so wherever possible we use 100% organic cotton. We are also committed to a transparent, responsible supply chain, which means that every organisation that contributed to our products shares our commitment to quality and sustainability.

As your children grow, it is important that they know that their favourite clothes were sourced from responsible, ecologically friendly growers and manufacturers, and made in a way which supports a healthy relationship between humanity and nature.  After all – what you value, they value.

Sustainability in product and packaging

It simply isn’t enough to make ecologically friendly and responsible clothing, just to package it in unnecessary plastics and single-use materials. We at Teehee seek to reduce our dependence on the plastics industry, our waste profile and our overall carbon footprint in every way possible – and that means packaging our lovely collections in responsibly produced, ecologically friendly and recyclable materials. We call this - ever green packaging.