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About Us



  1. Giggling or laughter.
  2. A sound which conveys happiness
  3. Honest, innocent enjoyment of the moment

What Teehee means to us

Teehee is dedicated to making childhood – and parenthood – everything it was meant to be. Children love to be seen and heard, and our range reflects that with bright colours and an easy, comfortable fit. Every collection we release will have its own story, its own theme, and its own statement.

However, clothes aren’t only for adornment; they mean something. What you wear and how it was made are so important today! At Teehee, we’re striving to help build the kind of world we want for our own children, one little bit at a time. That’s why our clothes speak volumes about our commitment to sustainability, environmentalism and respect for nature – and not just with their messaging. 

Teehee is set to do amazing things this year, and we would love you to be a part of it. We’ve got a small, dedicated following of Tee-Heroes behind us. Every piece we sell helps us make sustainable, ecologically friendly and organic fashion the standard. We can all be Tee-Heroes!


How Teehee got started

Hello there! My name is Ilze and I’ve been a part of the fashion industry for ten years now.

When our daughter came into the world, I knew I wanted to take a more hands-on approach. I love creating and being able to create something fun and playful in a sustainable way excites me. That’s why I dedicated myself to creating Teehee as a baby and children’s fashion brand that represented everything that was right about the industry!

That’s what Teehee is to me – baby and children’s wear that is sustainably sourced, responsibly manufactured and ecologically packaged – but more importantly is the type of clothing that that kids love to wear! Our collections are colourful & playful, as well as being incredibly durable and well-made, from the most environmentally friendly materials available!